I’m not one to collect imports. I have a few friends that do, and from what I understand it basically doubles the cost of obtaining games for your collection.  However, there are times where I MUST have a few imports for my collection.  The two we are going to look at today are Battle of Olympus and Adventures of Lolo for the Nintendo Game Boy.  These two gems were released both in Japan and Europe, but never made it stateside.

Battle of Olympus is essentially a port of its NES big brother, while the Adventures of Lolo seems to be either a compilation of levels from the NES or a brand new game altogether. These were obviously both supposed to come stateside, but never made it over. Lucky for us, Adventures of Lolo requires almost no English to play, and Battle of Olympus has an English setting (as well as other languages as well.)

Adventures of Lolo is a great puzzle game, and it’s a shame it never made it over as it would seem as it would be perfect for the Game Boy.  Both games feature a password system, and Adventures of Lolo grants a password after every level which is perfect for portable play. Finally, Adventures of Lolo is also compatible with the Super Game Boy, for enhanced color palettes. Battle of Olympus is especially a good port, graphics and sound are strikingly familiar to the NES version, and it essentially holds it own. It reminds me of other great NES ports like Double Dragon, Kid Icarus, and Bionic Commando.

It’s a real shame that we miss out on great games like these two, and it may never be clear as to why.  Could it be the NES counterparts didn’t sell too well in the U.S.? Well that can’t be the case for Lolo as the NES original spawned two sequels. Someone in marketing or management made a decision at some point in time that American Game Boy players were not worthy of these two gems. Luckily in the modern digital age, there are options out there for us to play these great games.

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  1. neuropol says:

    Import Game Boy games are often cheaper than domestic games. NA hasn’t latched on to imports yet.

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